The best of contemporary art

Sometimes when I feel blue, I surf the net trying to find some beautiful pictures or photos to inspire me and cheer me up.

I think that contemporary fine arts can be divided in two large groups.

  • The first one

Contains very depressive dark artworks, which make us reflect on our lives and our sins.  America is the most religious Western country, that’s why sinister prophecies have such a great success here.

However, I believe that nobody in our world is ignorant about political and ecological problems. I am not saying that such works are useless or should not exist. It just seems to me that our life is gloomy and sad enough even without such pictures.

  • The second group

These paintings are more colorful and pretty. For example, pop art of Romero Britto, which will charge your batteries for the whole day. His works are bright and cartoon-like that’s why they always make you smile. Everybody need to smile from time to time.

Should I even bother to say that Britto’s works are very popular and commercially successful?

One more artist who is extremely famous nowadays is Leonid Afremov. His style is absolutely different and combines impressionist features as well as some techniques invented by himself.

He was born in Belarus and has finished an art school, which was found by famous Russian artists Mark Shagal and Kazemir Malevich.

Afremov wasn’t really successful in the homeland, because his art wasn’t utilitarian enough for post-socialistic countries. He moved to Israel where he immediately had his first exhibition. After that he travelled a lot, currently lives and works in Mexico.

The key to his success is an exceptional technique. He applies wide strokes of paintbrush and uses a special knife to blend the colors. His work are famous for their cheerful yellow palette, which looks energetic and romantic at the same time.

By looking at his pictures, one can understand that Afremov is a very passionate and open person who loves life. Sometimes we all feel a little bit down and such paintings can inspire us not to give up.

Main subjects of his works are love, nature, travelling, and cities at the night. All of his life experience has found its place in his paintings. His light impressionistic manner makes them seem like written music realized on canvas.

Leonid Afremov original works are available under this link

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