Market and subcultures

How many of you were punks, hippies or hipsters while teenagers?

While I was still at the uni, I read a fascinating book, which I don’t remember the name. It was mainly focused on youth subcultures and their connection with the market.

Sounds strange, right? It seems to me that the majority of people sees these movements as something completely opposed to the market. That’s not always true because all fashions are born by brands and shops.

Various styles of fashion are taken for granted nowadays. However, the situation was different until 1945.

After the Second World War a great improvement in the economy resulted in the increase in the level of payment for young people. They had money to spend and a whole new sector of commerce was created to please them.

While some of the subcultures were formed by successful brands, not all of them had to follow that pace. For instance, the punk subculture that was found in Great Britain is strictly opposite to mainstream fashion and music. This subculture’s appearance has nothing to do with fashion industry. Personally, I really like punk music, and I think that their style was one of the most interesting in the history of fashion. If you want to know more, here’s the link .

The situation is different with hip-hop. This culture emerged from a very special background but was spread because of the marketing by large companies.

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